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Indoor Gas Fireplaces

When choosing an indoor fireplace for your home it is important that it provides the necessary heat output and flame display to match the size and style of your room. Because a fireplace will always be the centre of attention, it should be beautiful, efficient and easy to use. Escea fireplaces combine innovative contemporary design with quality of the highest magnitude and give you a wide choice.

Whether you want a decorative fireplace in your bedroom or a high heat output fireplace for your main living area, Escea's extensive range of indoor fireplaces will satisfy your needs and desires.
The DX Series fireplaces combine impressive flame display visible from one or two rooms with Heat Ducting Technology to keep several rooms warm. The Smart Heat control system creates the most sophisticated fireplaces on the market.
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The DL Series is a perfect balance of high performance, super efficiency and new generation control technology. While similar in appearance to the IB Series models, the DL Series models point the way forward for the future of gas fireplaces.
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The Escea ST Series provides low energy consumption making it the ideal fireplace choice for a decorative piece in a smaller living room, bedroom or office. With a wide variety of looks, you have the ability to create a tailored appearance to suit your individual taste.
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Horton gas are at the forefront of supplying and installing gas and wood fires in Hawke’s Bay. We specialise in Escea Gas Fires and Bosca Wood Fires – two of the most modern, stylish and desirable brands in the market.

If you would like to know more about your gas fire or wood fire options, contact Horton Gas today for a chat.

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