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DX Series

The DX Series fireplaces offer the unprecedented beauty of ultra-wide, single or double sided fireplaces. Escea's Smart Heat, Multiroom and Powered Direct Vent Technologies set these fireplaces apart from all of the others on the market.

The DX Series fireplaces capture up to 90% of the available heat and return it back into different rooms within the house via Escea's Heat Ducting system, Multiroom. This technology circulates the heat within your house, providing quiet and efficient heating. In addition to the standard remote control, Escea's new Smart Heat technology allows these fireplaces to be controlled using a home automation system, or remotely via the internet or smartphone.

Select a frameless DX fireplace for a stunning minimalist look. Alternatively, choose an Escea Velo fascia for either one or both sides of the fireplace (if a double sided installation is chosen).

Powered Direct Vent Technology allows DX series flues to be run horizontally or vertically, giving the option of termination on an outside wall.
The DX1500 combines a 1500mm width flame, 10.4 kW of heat, a 4.3 star efficiency rating, Multiroom Technology, and Escea’s exclusive Smart Heat control system to create the most sophisticated ultra-wide fireplace on the market. If you love this, choose the double sided see-through option to accentuate the allure.
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The DX1000 is the smaller sibling of the DX1500 fireplace, with a visible glass area 1 metre in width. The fireplace offers a 4.8 star efficiency rating and 8.4 kW of heat output. The DX1000 is available with Escea’s Multiroom Technology or you can simply choose to evenly distribute the heat within the same room.
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