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High Efficiency Multiroom Fireplace (Gas)

The DX1500 represents the most sophisticated, ultra-wide fireplace on the market between its hi-tech features, design flexibility and simplistic beauty.


The dramatic width of the flame pattern becomes an even more spectacular statement with Escea’s double sided see-through fireplace option. The DX1500 captures up to 90% of the available heat and returns it back into every corner of the room via Escea’s Multiroom Technology. Some of this heat can even be ducted into the hallway or into other rooms in the home, making the DX1500 a whisper-quiet and environmentally conscious home heating choice.

In addition to the Escea Velo Lite fascia, the DX1500 offers a frameless look to create a special focal point with the imaginative use of wall materials. The minimalist styling adds to the ambience of any space, and complements every design aesthetic. The DX1500 comes supplied with reflective side panels to elongate the firebox for an infinite flame effect.
Design Options
Velo Lite
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Fuel Bed Options
(4 colours)
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Rocks & Coals
(3 colours)
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(3 options)
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Smart Heat
Our Escea Smart Heat website and app allow you to adjust your fire from anywhere, anytime. Smart Heat connects every fireplace in your home to your modem, giving you instant warmth and ambience with a single click or tap.
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Multiroom Technology
Our unique Heat Ducting Technology, Multiroom, circulates heated air through the ceiling and floor ducts, not just within the room, but even throughout the house.
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Powered Directed Vent
Escea’s DX Series and DL Series fires use a Powered Direct Vent, which allows long horizontal and vertical flue runs. This flue system offers considerable flexibility in location and installation.
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Reflective Side Panels
The DX1500 comes standard with reflective side panels which reflect dancing flames and the other room in a double sided installation.

Zero Clearance
This fireplace is rated zero clearance so you will not need to build an expensive fire rated wall construction. You can install this fireplace directly into a plasterboard timber framed cavity and place a TV above it. See the manual for details.
Available with:
Velo (Lite)
  • Titanium Silver
  • Volcanic Black

Gas Type: GCM-AUNZ-BWNatural Gas

Star Rating: Energy-Star-Certification-RGB4.3 Stars

Heat Output: 10.4kW

Energy Input: 25-42MJ/hr

Features: Smart Heat
Heat Ducting Technology
Reflective Side Panels
Zero Clearance

Flue: Powered Direct Vent

Viewable Glass (mm): 1500w x 300h

Fascia Size (mm): 1630w x 430h x 38d
(Velo Lite)

1562w x 362h

RRP: from $9,595
+ducts +flue +install

Warranty: warranty

*For installation details, see the Manuals & Technical section. For warranty conditions, see the Warranty page.

Escea promotional images are of real products, but may be influenced by screen type and quality. Fireplace appearance may vary due to environmental factors and flame pattern may vary depending on gas type.
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